These General Terms and Conditions (version 1 July 2018) of Betan Clinics apply to all mentioned expressions, products, services and materials executed by and/or in the possession of Betan Clinics. If a specific agreement is in force within Betan Clinics (such as a treatment agreement with a customer), then the General Terms and Conditions are deemed to be part of this agreement.

Article 1 – Definitions used

Expressions: any communication from Betan Clinics regardless of the form and the medium used (such as website or social media), written and oral information, photographs, printed matter, and other similar statements.

Products: the products used and supplied by Betan Clinics.
Services: information, presentations, courses, sales and promotion of products, treatments and treatment methods.
Materials: advertising and promotional materials, video recordings, photographic material, etc.
Care provider: the person who works at Betan Clinics and who, in the exercise of a medical profession, concludes a treatment agreement with another party.

Other party: visitors to the clinic, customers, employees, suppliers, exhibitors, course participants, contacts on social media.

Article 2 – Liability for products, services and expressions

2.1 Complete satisfaction for the delivered products, services and expressions cannot be guaranteed, despite the fact that Betan Clinics endeavours to offer the delivered products, services and expressions correctly and completely with the greatest possible care.

2.2 Betan Clinics is in no way liable for direct or indirect damage related to or as a result of the products and services supplied by Betan Clinics or information provided unless determined otherwise by law.

2.3 References by Betan Clinics to other, external sources, such as websites, apps or companies are only for the information of the reader or visitor concerned. Betan Clinics cannot, therefore, vouch for the content offered and the functioning of external websites, apps or companies, as well as for the quality and safety of services and/or products offered by the website, app or company.

2.4 Any form of liability regarding websites, apps or companies that are not the property of Betan Clinics is rejected.

Article 3 – Delivery of products and services

3.1 At Betan Clinics, it is attempted to execute and deliver the named expressions, products, services and materials with the greatest possible care and without unnecessary delay.

3.2 Should faults, defects or incompleteness exist in the products and/or services supplied by Betan Clinics, then these will be rectified as quickly and completely as possible as far as this is reasonably possible.

3.3 An obligation to perform to the best of one’s abilities applies to the delivered products and services but does not include an obligation to achieve a result.

Article 4 – Prices and payments used

4.1 Prices for services and products are listed on the website. If the price for a service or product is not mentioned on the website, the Other Party can request this price from the care provider of Betan Clinics and receive a written quotation.

4.2 The Other Party is obliged to pay amounts published on the website or in the quotation to Betan Clinics as soon as the Other Party proceeds to purchase the service or product.

4.3 If applicable, possible discounts on services or products should be determined in writing or digitally by Betan Clinics prior to the purchase of the service or product. If this has not been done, then it is assumed that the Other Party is aware of and agrees with the published prices and the Other Party is obliged to pay the full amount within the set period of time.

4.4 Payments for services take place on the day of treatment or delivery. Only with the consent of the care provider concerned can, in exceptional cases, payment be made on invoice after treatment or delivery. In this case, the Other Party must transfer the set amount to the specified account number of Betan Clinics at the latest 14 days after the date of the invoice.

4.5 Betan Clinics has the right to request partial or full payment for certain services prior to the delivery of the service. If such an advance payment by the Other Party does not take place, Betan Clinics has the right not to provide the service in question.

Article 5 – Termination of an agreement

5.1 In the event the Other Party does not or not timely or fully comply with the obligations towards Betan Clinics, the Other Party is in a state of suspension of payment or bankruptcy, has applied for this, or if his possessions have been seized, then Betan Clinics has the right to terminate the agreement in question, not being a medical treatment agreement as referred to in the “Wet op de Geneeskundige Behandelingsovereenkomst” (Medical Treatment Agreement Act), without notice of default with retention of the claim to possible compensation for damages.

Article 6 – Use and storage of personal data

6.1 The other party agrees, with written permission, to any storage of personal data provided in a secure, electronic file, such as the patient file or the mailing file of Betan Clinics.

6.2 The stored data (with the exception of medical data, unless written permission has been granted) can be used for various purposes, such as administrative purposes, statistics, etc. In the provision of personal data, the other party gives explicit permission for such use.

6.3 The use of personal data for promotional purposes requires a separate, written consent of the other party. Betan Clinics is responsible for these digital data.

6.4 As described in the legislation for the protection of personal data that is in force, the entitled party (the Other Party) has the right to request the personal data and files concerned. For this purpose, the Other Party must submit a request in writing with signature and copy of identification to one of the team members of Betan Clinics.

6.5 EA request for the provision of personal data should be submitted by email to or by telephone (+3150 211 3876).

Article 7 – Identification for the purpose of an agreement

7.1 The Other Party is at all times obliged to identify himself to the care provider(s) of Betan Clinics. This means that name, date of birth and BSN-number are always requested and stored, otherwise no agreement will take place.

Article 8 – Intellectual property rights

8.1 Nothing of the products, materials, services or expressions of Betan Clinics may be copied or multiplied, either analogue or digital, without explicit, written permission in advance from Betan Clinics. Such written permission can only be granted by team members of Betan Clinics and must be requested via

8.2 It is not permitted to alter the content of the website or other expressions. Copyright applies to the information supplied by Betan Clinics in all expressions, regardless of Betan Clinics or suppliers of Betan Clinics. It is therefore not permitted to multiply or copy such material.

8.3 In the event the Other Party provides any form of information by means of its own expressions, then it is generally assumed that no copyright rests on the information, unless this has been explicitly stated in writing. Betan Clinics is free to use such information if the copyright is not explicitly indicated in writing.

Article 9 – Rights in case of force majeure

9.1 Force majeure is defined as any circumstance beyond the control of Betan Clinics, such as flooding, fire, exceptional weather conditions, strike or government measures, non-delivery by suppliers of Betan Clinics, etc.

9.2 If it is not possible to deliver certain services, products or materials in connection with force majeure, Betan Clinics is obliged to suspend the delivery and if possible still deliver as soon as the situation of force majeure has ended. In the event this is no longer possible, then the agreement concerned will lapse.

9.3 The other party cannot derive any rights from non-delivery on the grounds of force majeure. Betan Clinics is not liable for damage to the Other Party as a result of non-delivery on the grounds of force majeure.

Article 10 – Complaints procedure

10.1 In the event the Other Party is not satisfied or had another expectation about the delivered service or product, then the Other Party is deemed to report this to Betan Clinics.

10.2 Betan Clinics will search for a suitable solution with every possibility, as far as this is reasonably feasible. Should it not be possible, despite the offered solution, to still satisfy the Other Party in mutual consultation, then the Other Party can initiate a complaints procedure.

10.3 In order to submit a complaint, the other party is requested to make this known by e-mail ( or by telephone (+3150 211 3876).

Article 11 – Amendments to the General Terms and Conditions

11.1 Betan Clinics is at all times free to change these General Conditions. After an implemented alteration previous versions of the General Conditions as they were previously in force lapse.

11.2 If any stipulation from the General Conditions is not feasible according to legal stipulations, then other stipulations from the General Conditions remain in full force and the stipulation concerned will be modified as soon and completely as possible, in such a way that it is legally valid.

11.3 These General Terms and Conditions are governed by Dutch law. Any disputes regarding the provisions will be submitted to the Dutch courts.

Version 1 July 2018